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Workplace mental health and wellbeing training:

  • Assists your team to refine their cognitive (thinking) skills and coping strategies for managing stress, distress and adversity

  • Helps your team to more effectively identify wellbeing challenges 

  • Teaches assessment and management of their personal wellbeing 

  • Encourages employees to take a new level of responsibility in maintaining their own wellbeing. 

Cost-effective mental health and wellbeing training can be tailored to your organisation's needs. Wellbeing training is for all employee groups from front line employees to top level management.

Our training packages are:

   > Evidence-informed

   > Designed by Psychologists

   > Team-based

   > Proactive

   > Mindfulness-based


2hr Mental Health & Wellbeing Kickstarter

  • Develop entry level knowledge and skills for fostering employee wellbeing and resilience

Build DIY Skills: 1⁄2 Day Mental Health & Wellbeing Training

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Kickstarter +

  • Refine and practice strategies for building resilience

  • Acquire a more comprehensive understanding of our 3-stage alert system for managing wellbeing

  • Take home materials for extended learning

Full-Day Mental Health & Wellbeing Intensive Workshop

  • Build DIY Skills +

  • Gain an advanced mastery of personal wellbeing assessment and management techniques with interactive skills training

  • Additional take home materials

Add a 2hr Booster Session to your 1⁄2 Day or Full-Day Training

  • Help your team consolidate and maintain their learning and put new skills into practice by having our expert trainers return to your organisation at a future date

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