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It is a simple truth that everyone experiences hard or difficult times in their lives. For all of us there will be moments when we need a little additional support to meet these challenges life throws at us. We at Connected Minds strongly believe that everyone has the ability and the strength to make positive changes in their lives that will over time bring them closer to living a happy and content life. Connected Minds offers a range of psychological services to meet your individual needs.  



We provide individual therapy sessions with a psychologist or clinical psychologist. Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable space that both encourages and inspires positive change for our clients. Our highly skilled and professional team provide evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-Based approaches and Schema Therapy. We work with adolescents, adults and older adults experiencing many different challenges, including:​

Anxiety and worry | Sadness and depression | Stress | Guilt and shame | Adjustment to new life circumstances | Grief and loss | Trauma | Problematic gambling | Anger | Hoarding

We also work with specialty client groups such as those working in high-risk occupations (emergency services personnel, firefighters, police, military personnel, correctional staff), high performance professions and professional athletes.

You do not require a referral to see a psychologist; however, a Mental Health Care Plan (from your GP) can provide you a financial rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. Medicare provide a rebate of $124.50 (for a clinical psychologist) or $84.50 (for a general psychologist) per individual session (50mins). Private health rebates may also be available depending on your cover level.


Seeing a psychologist is not just for those experiencing life challenges. We offer individual coaching psychology sessions with our highly skilled positive psychology specialists. These sessions are designed to help individuals to live their best lives by enhancing their wellbeing or performance. We take a strengths-based approach with every client that draws upon the skills and abilities of those we are working alongside. Our therapists will help individuals to get in touch with what's important to them and learn to live in line with these values. They will also help you to make healthy and effective steps toward improving your wellbeing, resilience and psychological flexibility. These sessions also aim to enhance performance and productivity through increasing psychological awareness, eliciting motivation for change and goal setting. 

You do not require a GP referral for coaching psychology sessions. As these sessions are not designed for individuals experiencing mental health issues, Medicare rebates are not available. Coaching psychology sessions are designed for people who are generally travelling well in life, but would like to take that next step forward in increasing their wellbeing, resilience, performance and productivity. These sessions are ideal for executives or high performance athletes or individuals.


We offer a range of psychological assessments including:​


Intelligence assessments | Memory assessments | Personality assessments | Occupational assessments​


All assessment packages include an initial consultation, assessment, follow up consultation and the provision of a formal report


Wominjeka! We provide evidence-based psychological support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that respects and promotes cultural integrity. Sessions are responsive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, values and belief systems and will be grounded in holistic Indigenous perspectives and the determinants of social and emotional wellbeing.

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