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Our low-cost service, delivered by provisional psychologists, offers high-quality psychological support at an affordable rate. As an active teaching clinic, we are dedicated to upskilling the next generation of mental health professionals. Under the close supervision of our clinic directors and board approved supervisors, Dr Stephanie Louise and Dr Justin Trounson, our dedicated team of provisional psychologists provides support for a range of mental health issues. This service is designed to make mental health care accessible to everyone, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to receiving the help you need. Our provisional psychologists are committed to delivering compassionate, evidence-based care while gaining valuable practical experience to complete their professional training.


A provisional psychologist is a psychologist in training. They have completed a recognised undergraduate degree in psychology and are in the process of obtaining the necessary supervised practice and further education to become a fully registered psychologist. For provisional psychologists at Connected Minds Psychology, this stage involves being enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Our provisional psychologists work under the guidance of fully registered psychologists, allowing them to gain practical experience and develop their clinical skills while ensuring adherence to professional and ethical standards. 


Level 1 Provisional Psychologist: $75 per standard 50 minute session*

Level 2 Provisional Psychologist $100 per standard 50 minute session*

*Medicare rebates are not available for sessions with provisional psychologists. 

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Chris Baumgartner
MPsych. (candidate)
Pronouns: He/Him

Chris is a Provisional Psychologist with experience across a range of public and private mental health settings. In his practice, Chris aims at assisting and empowering individuals that are seeking deep and abiding change. Chris’ warm, approachable manner has assisted people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, always allowing space for humour and self-expression. Chris’ therapeutic approach centres around curiosity, open-mindedness, and authenticity, and focuses on the psychological roots of a person’s suffering. For some individuals this will involve examining early life events and recurrent behavioural patterns with an emphasis on self-exploration and self-discovery. Chris is proficient with a range of different treatment modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, and Mindfulness, allowing him to utilise an integrative treatment approach. Chris is experienced assisting clients experiencing depression, anxiety, panic, social anxiety, relationship distress, performance anxiety, grief, loss, interpersonal difficulties, self/existential dilemmas, workplace difficulties, and career transitions. 

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Lucy Cochran
MPsych. (candidate)
Pronouns: She/Her

Lucy is a Provisional Psychologist with an engaging and warm interpersonal style. She has a client-centred approach and helps people live more enriched lives based on their individual values and strengths. Lucy uses a range of evidence based therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassionate Mindfulness and Solution-Focused Therapy. Lucy has a special interest in helping people with general anxiety, social anxiety, stress, perfectionism, low mood, trauma, sleep, adjustment difficulties and performance. She is particularly interested in helping people recognise their inner critic and finding a more compassionate way to thrive. Lucy is currently finishing her Masters level research on smartphone addiction.  

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